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Genova Soccer

Genova International School of Soccer was created with the goal of helping young soccer enthusiasts to pave their way into the wonderful career of professional soccer. That is why in August 2009, Morris Pagniello founded in the north of Italy (Zanè, Vicenza) one of the most successful RESIDENTIAL ACADEMIES to date.

Founder and Director


Director of the Academy, owner of Racing City Group and former professional soccer player, bases his strategy on helping the players to develop their skills and get used to the culture and demands of European soccer. 

Students signed in professional teams

Making Dreams. Throughout the last 12 years, the Academy has polished the skills of many players, and has helped them to adjust to the demanding levels of European soccer. Thanks to this, we are proud to have been able to place more than 210 of our students in professional teams in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Singapore, Turkey and more.

Signed in teams from more than 7 countries

Residential Academy

The Academy is now based in Madrid, Spain. The students will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of soccer in our CD Leganés residential complex, just 11km southeast of the city center.

Both our facilities and training program, along with our complementary activities, will equip you with the knowledge and experience that every player needs to succeed in the competitive world of professional soccer.